Old houses and comfortable beds - Fästningens vandrarhem

Old houses and comfortable beds

The hostel has in total 39 rooms and 73 beds. The beds here in this 5-bed room offer a great night's rest. You can hire sheets and towels from us if you wish. Guests make their own beds but cleaning is always included when you stay at Fästningens Vandrarhem.

There is free WiFi in the common areas in the main building.

Hus10 and Hus13

The houses were built during the 18th and 19th centuries and were previously used as a bakery and a hospital. Here you can book modern rooms of all sizes, some with a view of the courtyard and others with a view of the fortress walls. All rooms are fitted with hand basins, while showers and toilets are available in the corridor. A common room with a TV & kitchen are available in Hus10.

The prison

The old Kronohäktet houses 23 prison cells with spartan furnishings. Most have single beds but there a few rooms with double beds. The prison has 27 beds in total. Guests can sleep here in beds that are just as comfortable as those in our other rooms. The prison has its own kitchen and common area but without a TV.